Thursday, December 29, 2011

An afternoon with celebrities!

Great mix of people. Met some familiar faces and made new friends too!
The 1st Zamboanga Bloggers meet up. 

Felt so so so SHY that afternoon with lovely celebrities with stars trucking get ups!
The first one to hey "hi" to me and the most friendly of them i think --
 Patricia Tan took that shyness away. (Thanks to you!)
Who was stunning that afternoon but  exited earlier.
A new friend who owns this:
 Diana F. Diana F. Diana F -- Miss April
Diana drove everybody LOCO
They look so CUTE.

I sat next to a celebrity  Miss Rhea Bue (photos grabbed from miss rhea)
I was like.. OhMG! she's.. she's.. she's.. ohh 
Haha! She's so nice and you wouldn't even thought its your first talk with her. 

overall.. fun! fun! and fun with Zamboanga Bloggers!
wish to have another meet ups with you guys! and i wish,
all of the bloggers can come specially Jannie.

I wore that afternoon: a TERRANOVA brown baby-T, MANGO alice straight cut jeans
and brownleather bag, BERSHKA floral belt and INSTYLE thai wooden wedge.

to all bloggers!

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