Friday, January 6, 2012

Famous Red Lips -versus- Dramatic Smokey Eyes

Let's talk about the FAMOUS RED LIPSTICK first!

Early in the 20th century, red lipstick came to represent a symbol of liberation. Red lipsticks were first marketed in the Twenties, just after American women were granted the vote, and were dabbed on to the centre of the lips to create the "bee-stung" effect made famous by movie star Clara Bow. 

By the Forties and fifties, the red-lipped look also represented power, and the strongest, feistiest women on the big screen were the ones best known for their full, red lips.

Elizabeth Taylor

Marilyn Monroe’s famous pout wouldn't have been the same without it. And Elizabeth Taylor's beautiful smile would have lost much of its sex appeal. Forget diamonds, these girls best friend was, undoubtedly, and a tube of bright red lippy - but by the Sixties, it had fallen from favour; replaced by the pale, frosted lip look.

Anne Hathaway of Hollywood and
 Anne Curtis of the Philippines.

Okay lets move on the most DRAMATIC SMOKEY EYES.. 

Smoky eyes have become a classic party eye makeup look. The secret of this trend’s popularity is that smoky eyes can change your face dramatically, transforming the girl-next-door into a stylish diva. I personally adore how Kim Kardashian wearing smokey eyes and stand out on red carpet events! 

and also the ultimate mother monster -- Lady GaGa (down there)

The beauty of beauty – makeup – is that you can do anything you absolutely want to and it will still look amazing. Unless of course it doesn't. Regardless. The smokey eye. It’s truly stunning right?  But how can we make it softer? How can we recreate the smokey eye? The answer is..  Easy. Just use different colors! Look...

And that's all that i can say about that two trending look! Hahaha... But wait I wanna show you the combination of red lips and smokey eyes.. and here it is!!! 

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