Friday, January 6, 2012

Famous Red Lips -versus- Dramatic Smokey Eyes

Let's talk about the FAMOUS RED LIPSTICK first!

Early in the 20th century, red lipstick came to represent a symbol of liberation. Red lipsticks were first marketed in the Twenties, just after American women were granted the vote, and were dabbed on to the centre of the lips to create the "bee-stung" effect made famous by movie star Clara Bow. 

By the Forties and fifties, the red-lipped look also represented power, and the strongest, feistiest women on the big screen were the ones best known for their full, red lips.

Elizabeth Taylor

Marilyn Monroe’s famous pout wouldn't have been the same without it. And Elizabeth Taylor's beautiful smile would have lost much of its sex appeal. Forget diamonds, these girls best friend was, undoubtedly, and a tube of bright red lippy - but by the Sixties, it had fallen from favour; replaced by the pale, frosted lip look.

Anne Hathaway of Hollywood and
 Anne Curtis of the Philippines.

Okay lets move on the most DRAMATIC SMOKEY EYES.. 

Smoky eyes have become a classic party eye makeup look. The secret of this trend’s popularity is that smoky eyes can change your face dramatically, transforming the girl-next-door into a stylish diva. I personally adore how Kim Kardashian wearing smokey eyes and stand out on red carpet events! 

and also the ultimate mother monster -- Lady GaGa (down there)

The beauty of beauty – makeup – is that you can do anything you absolutely want to and it will still look amazing. Unless of course it doesn't. Regardless. The smokey eye. It’s truly stunning right?  But how can we make it softer? How can we recreate the smokey eye? The answer is..  Easy. Just use different colors! Look...

And that's all that i can say about that two trending look! Hahaha... But wait I wanna show you the combination of red lips and smokey eyes.. and here it is!!! 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

An afternoon with celebrities!

Great mix of people. Met some familiar faces and made new friends too!
The 1st Zamboanga Bloggers meet up. 

Felt so so so SHY that afternoon with lovely celebrities with stars trucking get ups!
The first one to hey "hi" to me and the most friendly of them i think --
 Patricia Tan took that shyness away. (Thanks to you!)
Who was stunning that afternoon but  exited earlier.
A new friend who owns this:
 Diana F. Diana F. Diana F -- Miss April
Diana drove everybody LOCO
They look so CUTE.

I sat next to a celebrity  Miss Rhea Bue (photos grabbed from miss rhea)
I was like.. OhMG! she's.. she's.. she's.. ohh 
Haha! She's so nice and you wouldn't even thought its your first talk with her. 

overall.. fun! fun! and fun with Zamboanga Bloggers!
wish to have another meet ups with you guys! and i wish,
all of the bloggers can come specially Jannie.

I wore that afternoon: a TERRANOVA brown baby-T, MANGO alice straight cut jeans
and brownleather bag, BERSHKA floral belt and INSTYLE thai wooden wedge.

to all bloggers!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Types of Lipstick

When you are looking for lipstick, the best way for choosing the lipstick perfectly matching your lips is to know the different benefits of each lipstick type. 

1. Moisturing Lipstick  -- This type of lipsticks is suitable for people who have dry lips because it keep your lips soft. With ingredients like Vitamin E, aloe and glycerin, moisturizing lipsticks nourish and soften your lips.

Laura Mercier's Lip Colour Stick

2. Satin and sheer lipsticks --  It will make your lips shiny, glossy and keep it moisturized. Satin and sheer lipsticks have a high oil component so they appear darker in the tube than they are on your mouth. However, they are also reapplied many times.

Rouge Pur Shine of Y.S.L. 

3. Cream lipsticks -- Cream lipstick is the good choice for women with small lips. This formula is not shiny as other varieties of lipstick and you may need to apply lip-gloss afterward so that your mouth achieve desire look. It contains more wax than other formulas to help protect lips but may cause them to feel dry and last more shorter amount of time.

Chanel Rouge Hydrabase Crème

4. Pearl/Frosted lipstick -- If you are looking for a lipstick which make you stand out in a crowd and keep your mouth sparkle and glisten, frosted lipstick is your best selection. Reflects light and make you feel confident and distinctive in a funky party night. It may cause your mouth feel heavy, dry and crack, so apply the moisturizing lipstick base before frosted lipstick is very beneficial.

Revlon Moon Drops Frost Lipstick

5. Matte lipstick -- Matte lipstick is known for nice and colorful shade but it is flat and not shiny. This formula  perfectly matching with plumper, smoother and younger lips.To keep your mouth moisturized, apply products containing  vitamin E and  aloe.

Sephora's Maniac Matte Lipstick

6. Gloss -- Gloss, a favorite lipstick of women with thin and small lips, is a lip enhancer which add a look of shine and lush to your mouths and enhance the dimension of depth. Gloss can be worn alone or with the traditional lipstick.

NYX's Mega Shine Lip Gloss

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Christmas Wishlist

As we all know, Christmas is a time for getting together with your nearest and dearest - but let's be honest here - it's really all about giving and receiving presents. HAHA! So i came up with a wishlist..and here it is!

5th on my list 
Bracelets and Rings 

on my 4th.. Shoes! Shoes! ohh Shoes! i so love Shoes! 

I can't imagine my life not wearing any wrist watch! haha! so it's my 3rd =)

Make ups on my 2rd. The thing I'm dying to have -- MAC's Ruby Woo Lipstick. 
Lancome's Curling Mascara and Mac's 120 shades of Eye Shadows!

and... tenenententen! haha.. My ultimate wish! This Suzuki Raider 150cc
haha! Coz I'm so so sick of my Suzuki Smash Motorcycle haha!

Anyway.. wishes and yeah wishes! 
Advance Merry Christmas Everyone! XOXO.
Christmas Tree Pictures, Images and Photos

Monday, December 5, 2011

Simple Makeup Advice

Makeup on the face of every individual can make them look beautiful and great. But you know the correct way to apply makeup instead of applying without knowing any of the following tips.

1 – We start with the first step is the application of foundation on your face. Before the foundation, care for a sunscreen that suits your skin fit.

This is done to your skin well hydrated to do. Then with the help of a tissue or cotton, apply some points of foundation on your face and blend into the skin with a gentle rubbing. Be sure to apply it so that no line to see where the foundation ends on her face.

2 – While the use of an eye shadow, make sure to apply only with the help of an angled brush and a light highlighter shade not apply in the final too, on a special light in my eyes. Additionally, you can also apply eyeshadow outer corner of the eyelids and the spread up. This will help you hide your eyes hanging.
3 – Thirdly, there are a number of different types of coatings of the eye. Each eyeliner is different, but necessary steps to apply the eyeliner are the same. You must first make sure the lid with one hand and eyeliner with one hand. And then begin to apply eyeliner on the outer eye, making short feathery strokes. Here are some styles of applying eyeliner that would suit your dramatic eye shadows!

4 – Last but not least, while using a lipstick, you should always make sure to apply correctly so not to get lipstick on her teeth. Always use a lip pencil to outline lips. Even if you put lipstick, start the application from the center of the upper lip and move outward toward a corner and repeat the same procedure for the lower lip too.

Therefore, make sure before wasting your money on expensive makeup end, test your knowledge about the basic steps of applying makeup to develop. If you are not satisfied with this advice, then I suggest you find a makeup artist if she would be able to explain a number of other recommendations as well on apply make up.